REST without Tomcat or Spring?

The official Flowable documentation has a section on the REST API which begins:

Flowable includes a REST API to the Flowable engine that can be installed by deploying the flowable-rest.war file to a servlet container like Apache Tomcat. However, it can also be used in another web-application by including the servlet (and/or its mappings) in your application and add all flowable-rest dependencies to the classpath.

I’m embedding the flowable engine in a java program where I have Jetty available and can register servlets but am not using Spring at all.

The issue is that, while I have looked through a large portion of the Flowable codebase, including the “flowable-rest” maven module, I cannot find any servlet to register.

Where is this servlet? Can anyone point me to an example program that embeds the REST API without using SpringBoot?


@mac01021 doing what you are trying to achieve without Spring is not possible, as the Flowable REST API uses Spring MVC for it. However, you can do it without the need of Spring Boot of course. Have a look at WebConfigurer from our testing of the Flowable REST API.