Connecting Java application to Flowable Application

Hi Team,
I’m new to Flowable, I have deployed war to tomcat and its up and running fine. Now How can I connect my java application to flowable engine which is running in tomcat.

I know flowable engline can be start and deploy(standalone server) from spring framework but im looking for client server model which means java application connect to tomcat deployed war. Is this possible?

You can make REST calls to a running Flowable instance using the REST API. The documentation for the API is here However building workflows specific to your application will usually require some coding and bundling of these artifacts to be deployed along with the engine as the Flowable is not really a “no code” framework for creating workflows.

I understand. I have no problem in coding and I’m from IBM BPM background so I’m trying to corelate. I just want to know can we have one flowable engine for multiple application which is deployed in Application/web server or it has to be one flowable engine for each application.

Since im new to flowable, I may be asking silly question. :slight_smile:

Not a silly question. If you want to constrain an application, which I’m guessing you a mean a single deployable war file, to only run the Flowable engine, then you can certainly do that. If you want to invoke Flowable api calls from other applications deployed as war files, then you would need to use the REST api to communicate with that engine instance. Hope this helps.