How to map flowable-rest Servlet in Spring Boot app

I want to use the flowable REST API from my spring boot app.
The docs say > “Flowable includes a REST API to the Flowable Engine that can be installed by deploying the flowable-rest.war file to a servlet container like Apache Tomcat. However, it can also be used in another web-application by including the servlet and it’s mapping in your application and add all flowable-rest dependencies to the classpath.”

I did not see a servlet mapping in the WEB-INF/web.xml file of the flowable-rest application.

How would I map the Flowable REST Servlet in my Spring Boot app? I am using the Spring Boot Starter so maybe it is already mapped.


The flowable-spring-boot-starter-basic module already includes the Flowable REST API by default, no additional configuration is needed.

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In an environment where spring security is not configured I needed to add the following to get the REST API to work.

@SpringBootApplication(exclude = {,

Hi, I am struggling for same for last few days. I added the flowable starter basic into my project. But I dont see the rest api exposed?

Am I missing something?

See: Flowable OAuth2 Resource Server