Updating app in modeler?

In the modeler, after having created an app - is there a way to update it if its contained models change? For instance, I have created an app with a process that references a form. I then changed the form, but the app keeps having the old instance of the form. If I create a new app, I have the new instance, but it would be great to be able to just update the app to include the modifications. Is this possible?


You can just publish new app version.


Ok…but currently I am exporting to a .bar file and importing through my own app. It seems the bar file contains the old definitions…

I tried to reproduce the issue:

  1. create app with process model and form model
  2. download bar and check whether form model is correct
  3. change,save form model
  4. download app bar file
    I checked that the changes are correctly applied in the bar form model.


My apologies. It seems to work for me as well now. I don’t know what happened before. Maybe I messed up with having several files of similar names of something…