Modeler : App import not overwriting existing process definitions

Flowable modeler (6.3.1) is fantastic, business users can modify DMNs and publish app without much dependency on devs. However we are not able to do clean deployments, hope you can clarify.

The idea is to test the whole process on a test environment and when you are happy, download .zip file of app and upload it to Live. But in Live if a Process/Decision already exists with the same name a duplicate is created. We tried deleting app and installing new version, but deleting app doesn’t actually delete any underlying processes or decision tables. Any idea how we can force app import overwrite all existing resources.

If this is something we can achieve by using an existing API, then that’s fine as well for timebeing. Appreciate your comments.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @bdot,

Try to import the app while you have the app opened in the modeler. This way the app will be overwritten. Not via the “import app” button on the app definitions overview.

Experienced the same here a couple of days ago. Took me a while to figure that out :slight_smile:


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This indeed works! Thanks so much @wjansenw