Definition created through REST not visible in Modeler

Hi, I am deploying a process definition using REST and I want the same to be visible to user in Modeler. By default it wont show there . Is there a parameter that I need to pass?


I am not sure whether we are talking about the same thing, but modeler allows to edit models. Definitions are created from the model during the deployment.


@pahujadeepanshu to add to what Martin said. The modeler application does not use the same tables as the Flowable engines. Which means that if you want to see a model in the modeler you will need to import it into the modeler application as well

Thanks !! Is there a way I can do that in a program? My requirement is to auto deploy a definition that we create and let the user modify it as per his choice later using modeler

Definitions should be immutable (there are some use cases in which modification is necessary, but in general they are immutable).
What I would do is to export application with process definition, import it to the modeler, (can be done by rest calls)
and do modificaton -> deploy in a loop.

Would it work for you?

Hi @martin.grofcik,

I have an exported application with process definition but when I import it using the REST calls, it does not show up in modeler. What could I be doing wrong?

I can see that available in REST GET calls though.

Also, here is a case that we ship a version 1.0 of our process definition to user today but we later want to migrate the same to 2.0 with an app definition again downloaded. Will that be achievable?


Hi Deepanshu,

Which rest calls did you use?

You can publish newer versions to the task app. When you want to migrate currently running process instances to behave according to new definitions use migration API.



I am using /repository/deployments call and giving a whole zip fie downloaded after creating an app.

Here is what I am trying to achieve.

  1. I am creating an app which is for a certain functionality.
  2. User will have to upload this in their flowable instance using REST preferably.
  3. If I in future decide to update the process definition in the app, I should be able to do it.