Import process as a new version of an already existing process definition

I have two instances of Flowable (v6.4.1), one for testing and one for the production environment.
I develop a process in the testing env, then I want to update the same process (same key and id) in the production environment. I try to import the process in the production environment, but the model key already exists and I need to change it. Then I end with two process definitions, one of which is the newer version of the other but they are separeted.

Is there a way to import the process and saving it as a new version of an already existing process? I would like to save it as a new version by increasing the history of the process with the same key and continuing to refer to it in the app. Is that possible or it is not implemented in the engine?

Expor the app from your test environment. Go to the production environment, navigate to the app definition (not the app overview, the definition itself), and import the app. This should work.


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Thank you for your answer Wim,
as expected the process definition has been overwritten, there is a version 2 in all the process definitions that the two apps have in common.

But there are two problems:

  1. If I go to the process definition history from the UI, the version 1 is exactly the same as the version 2 (the preview does not change). This means that I have lost the previous version of the process definitions?
  2. What if I want to update only a single process definition? With your method I would update the whole app and not the only process that I want to change. Am I right?