Process Version handling

Suppose I have a process, that has a human task or a task waiting for an event to be received.
This process is deployed and I have a running instance.
Now, I develop version 2 of the process and deploy it.

I want the clients, that start instances and provide the inputs to the tasks of the process, to be able to start a new instance of version 2 and to be able to send an input to the human task/other waiting task of the running version 1, using the same URL.
In other words, I want the running version 1 instances to be “bound” to version 1, and new instances to be “bound” to version 2 in a way, that is transparent to the client (do not want the client to have to need to change the url it invokes because a new process version was deployed).

Is this supported out of the box/can be achieved in a relatively easy way?


Flowable supports that by default. So when you deploy a new process definition version, all existing process instance keep running against the old process definition version. When you start a new process instance, it will be started with the latest process definition version.

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