Deploy new process definition in runtime

Hi everyone, i wanna deploy new process definition on runtime, without redeploy or reboot application. For that i use flowable API methods:

  1. repository/deployments - to download new process definition
    then i start process and after that i get exception - no process definition found from key (something like that)
    why it is not working ?
    I am trying to use next endpoint to try fix it -
    but it is not helps
    P.S i am sorry if i mixed up topic

I think you should do in that way:

  1. Deploy new version POST repository/deployments. Here is doc -
  2. Start process with key.

runtime/process-instances/{instanceId}/migrate is used to migrate process instances to new version.

I am trying to do like that, but i don’t know how to use this ‘runtime/process-instances/{instanceId}/migrate’ endpoint, can anyone show example of json request for migrate old process on new process definition instance ?

Maybe unit tests may give you some hints:

The json is built dynamically in that example but may help you.


Thanks for that, i found file in tests - ,
but then i’m trying to migrate on new process definition i get next exception: Migration Activity mapping missing for activity definition id: ‘reviewTask’ or its MI Parent
What thats mean ?
I am sorry maybe need to do new topic for discuss about that ?

The exception means you haven’t mapped an activity that should have been mapped in the migration Document.

thanks, will try to understand how it works. Can i read about that somewhere(about mapping exception and how to fix it) ?

No, the documentation doesn’t describe that. Best luck is to attach the source code and put a breakpoint on that particular exception, then you will see why the problem arises.