Re-imported bpmn20 file, can't save

In Flowable Modeler, I re-imported an existing flow from a bpmn20 file, Flowable saved the model, but when I want to save it in the modeler, it says “model with key xxx already exists”. Does this mean I have to change the model key now?

Hi. When you say re-import, do you mean import from the list of bpmn models, or import when viewing an existing model? If it’s the first, then I think it assumes it’s a new model and that you’ll need to change its key. If you want to update (new version) of an existing model, I think you can import it from within the existing model. Not sure if that makes sense in words:)


By “re import” I mean I import the bpmn.20 file I exported from the same model. I changed the key. I now know I should not import existing models.

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