Modeler - import creates a bunch of empty objects in the editor

When I import a .bpmn20.xml file that was previously exported from the Flowable-modeler, the ID, name, and description are and the ‘overview’ of the process shows all of the elements but only some of the names of the items. However, when I go to the graphical editor, there are only a bunch of empty objects stacked on top of each other in the top-left corner of the diagram. The property page for a selected object does not have any information about the item.

I did not make any manual edits to the exported xml.

The version is ‘recent’… I just installed the docker ‘all-in-one-postgres’ application on an AWS EC2 Ubuntu Linux instance over this last weekend. I needed to move the database files to a new ‘data’ drive instead of the smaller boot volume and I do not yet have the modeler properly looking for the new location (I’m a bit of a Linux novice). In any case, since I had the exported bpmn from before the db move, I thought I could just re-import it… but it is not working correctly.

Any thoughts are appreciated.