Upcoming bugfix release?

So we hit a bug in spring-kafka 3.0.0 which is shipped with the spring-boot version used in flowable 6.7.2. This bug makes it impossible for us to go to 6.7.2.

Tried to exclude and replace the dependency in our pom-files but turned out to be quite a challenge for spring-kafka. I guess it should be doable, but before diving into it to deep it would be nice to hear if you have planned for a 6.7.3 anytime soon?


Hey @billerby,

What kind of bug have you hit?

As far as I know there is no spring-kafka 3.0.0. The latest Spring Kafka is 2.8.6.

Flowable Open Source doesn’t mandate using a specific Spring Boot version. You should be able to use Spring Boot 2.7 and thus the latest spring-kafka.


Hey @filiphr ,

I was writing from memory and got it a bit wrong. :dizzy_face: The bug we hit is because of org.apache.kafka:kafka-clients:3.0.0 which is included in spring-kafka:2.8.1 which comes from the spring-boot-version.

In our pom we have a dependency that pulls in flowable-spring-boot:


Not really sure how to navigate around this stuff (legacy code) thats why I asked about a new version before digging to deep …


Hey @billerby,

I think that the main problem for you is the fact that you are using the flowable-spring-boot dependency as a bom dependency. This is not meant like that and this is most likely causing a conflict with your Spring Boot parent or bom.

We are aware that we need to look into providing a Flowable bom that can be used easily.