Flowable 6.8.0 is Not working properly with Spring Boot 3.x

We have upgraded our Project to Spring Boot 3.x and Java 17 . However when we are using Flowable 6.8.0 as upgraded package - Multiple Beans are not getting initialized automatically which were working fine on flowable 6.7.
Come of the Beans like HistoryService , RepositoryService etc are not available with the above upgrade .
So wherever we are autowiring the Beans creating issue - on application startup.

I have looked to the Source Code of ProcessEngineServicesAutoConfiguration.java class . Looks like this Class is responsible for creating HistoryService , RepositoryService beans but for due to some condition its not getting invoked during Spring Boot 3 Application startup.

Please use version 7.x.x; if you need to use Spring Boot 3.x and JDK 17.

Please see Release Flowable 7.0.0.M1 release · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub

Not all Modules are available with 7.X … some of the flowable dependencies are still 6.8 . Do you think mixing them is good idea ? - Although let me try once with 7.x in mean time

Mixing 6.8 with 7.0 modules is most definitely not a good idea.

Which modules are you missing?

All modules which I am using are already in 7.X Except this Module -


#This is still in 6.8

Also just curious to know - are we doing any updates on this module below- >


Is the latest version - [5.22.0] going to work properly with Flowable 7.x ? - I see this module was last updated long back 2016.

That modules is not needed in 7. Why are you using it?

Not sure what you are using those modules for. However, those modules do not exist in 6.8.