Spring Boot 3 migration

Hi guys,

Just wondering what your thoughts are about Spring Boot 3? I guess you’ll be aware that the Jakarta EE adoption means there’s a lot of imports to be renamed.

Are you open to a PR for this? Perhaps on a separate branch as it may take a little while to assure everything is working well?


Hey @tstephen,

I personally am a big Spring Boot fan and would like to migrate to it soon. However, it is not only a matter of renaming the imports. As you know Spring Boot 3 has a baseline of Java 17. This means, that we will need to use Java 17 to compile that.

We also have flowable/flowable-engine#3489 regarding the new way of defining auto imports.

I am not sure that a PR would help here. We do have plans to update the Spring Boot version, but in the same time we are looking to change our baseline to Java 17 as well. However, we cannot promise any special dates for when this would happen. It would most likely mean bumping the main version of Flowable.


Yes, there are other things besides the packages. Actually Java 17 is easier than Jakarta EE 9 in my experience.

And yes, I would imagine it will require a major version bump. That is kinda why I was asking what your approach would be. Apparently Spring Boot 2.7 gets support till Nov '23 if you have any views about that? (Spring Boot 3 Ships November 2022, Delays Java Module Support)

Hi @filiphr
We started testing the engine v 7 M1. From what we have seen, the form and content engines are not yet there.
Do you have better visibility for the next milestone?

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