Spring Boot Based Project

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I’m starting a project based on spring boot. For 6.0.0.RC1 the version for spring boot is 1.2.6.RELEASE I saw that a branch named spring-boot-wip already exists doing a upgrade. There is a plan to integrate it on master?

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The spring-boot-wip really is a work in progress.
The 6.0.0 release will contain the Flowable Spring Boot modules updated to the current Spring Boot production version.
I cannot give you an exact timeline on when this will be available but work on this will start / continue in the next week(s).



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What is the scope of the update? I have just started looking at Flowable so am not at all familiar with the codebase but I was able to upgrade it to use spring boot 1.4.2 (and spring 4.3.4) with only a few changes here and there. All the tests still pass.

Are you envisaging more significant changes?


Hi @rgreig

You are sure, change isn’t complicated. But the question was just to know if the wip was active and to know if a Pull Request would be useful or not.



A pull request is always welcome.

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It would be nice to see this integrated into start.spring.io especially since Activiti is already there. @isaias have you got the spring-boot-wip to work?

@kentoj I haven’t started because another priority project. Maybe a that project that is Scala/Akka based I’ll will use the process engine embedded in my Actor Based system instead Spring Boot.

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