Flowable 6.6.0 and Spring Boot 2.7.6 compatible or not

Hello, I’m maintaining an existing application, with Spring Boot 2.3.4.RELEASE, Flowable 6.6.0.

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Now, I need to upgrade Spring Boot version to 2.7.6. I did some test by just upgrading Spring boot to 2.7.6, and keeping Flowable unchanged. Everything is working normal.

However, from the Flowable release notes, I saw the Spring Boot version got upgraded to 2.7.6 in version 6.8.0. I’m wondering if I have to upgarde Flowable version to 6.8.0 as well.

According to my company policy, I can only use versions that approved by an internal approval process. So if I don’t have to, I don’t want to upgrade Flowable.