Spring version conflicts in 6.3.1?

Hi all. I am trying to use the flowable-spring-boot-starter package.

But I get a ClassNotFoundException when I try to run it. I removed all extra stuff from my app, leaving only the dependencies and code required to start up a flowable engine based on spring configuration, and the problem still persists.

This gist (https://gist.github.com/mac01021/a56a3d6f70ab1d4c0ee8c057a24da038) contains my minimal pom.xml and java program, as well as the exception’s stack trace.

Any help is appreciated.

As you can see from the pom file, I am depending on flowable-spring-boot-starter 6.3.1. I notice that this package depends on many others, both spring packages and flowable packages. I also notice that almost everything pulled in by this package depends on spring version 5.0.6.RELEASE, but one of the dependencies (flowable-app-engine-spring:6.3.1) pulls in spring-context4.3.14.RELEASE. The end result of this is that maven pulls in spring-core:5.0.6 and spring-context:4.3.14 at the same time and I suspect that this might be the cause of the issue.

But this is the dependency tree that came along with flowable-spring-boot-starter, it’s not set up by me. So I wonder if I am doing anything wrong.

Thanks again.

Hi mac01021,
have you tried to use a spring boot pom.xml and add the flowable starter to this one? Right now you don’t have spring-boot imports and all and also no parent pom which is defining the versions. I think best would be to go to https://start.spring.io and add to the generated project flowable and the database driver.

Kind regards,

Thanks, Valentin. I’ll try this.

I’ll note, though, that this is not the procedure described in the Flowable Userguide.

Thanks again.