Unable to get the process defination and unable to start it using api

flowable%20issue1 i am stuck in a issue that is i have create a process and app and published that app and in admin panel i am able to see its deployment and its process defination and process defination-id but when i am trying to get the same from api using



it is giving me a response that is


"message": "Not found",

"exception": "no deployed process definition found with id 'renoSecureProcess:1:704245ff-3730-11e9-9b15-00155d17050f'"


because of which i am also unable to start the process definition neither by its processDefinitionId nor by its processDefinitionKey.

output of the log is normal there is no exeception nothing at all.

When checking the database there is no entry in ACT_APP_APPDEF table and ACT_APP_DEPLOYMENT table

can someone help me with this.flowable%20issue

Hello Anand.

I guess, problem is that rest app and tasks app doesn’t completely share same DB. Please read this: Deploying an app using the rest interface and other messages in that thread.

Admin app uses tasks-app’s as REST backend by default.

So, you can export BAR app from modeler and publish it via Postman to rest-app (and also reconfigure Admin app’s REST endpoints to use flowable-rest app).

Or, you can use tasks-app’s endpoints with Postman, curl and you app.

Anyway, Wireshark+pcapng (for loopback adapter sniffing) may help you to quickly investigate what’s going on.