Deployment with REST

I want to disable the modeler on my flowable server and deploy Apps and models with REST.
I deploy the zip file to POST /flowable-task/process-api/app-api/app-repository/deployments/ but at the same time this deployment has no app definitions in App engine and in flowable-task does not create a separate App for this zip. How do I change my deployment to have definitions?

If it doesn’t have any app definitions, Flowable Task won’t show it as a ‘tile’ in the UI. However, the processes and tasks should still show up in the generic ‘task’ tile.

@joram Hi!
Yes, it is, processes are displayed. But there are many processes, the list of processes is very large and there is no scrolling. There is no way to start the process from the bottom of the list. I tested this with chrome version 78.0.3904.87, firefox 52.7.3, microsoft edge.

Ok, that does sound like a bug we need to look into (most likely in the UI).