Task-ui and springboot integration

I there any documenatatnio available how to run task-ui (only task ui app) within same sprinbgoot application? I added org.flowable:flowable-spring-boot-starter-ui-task
to my project but this force me to set up identity management app url(flowable.common.app.idm-url). I’d like to manage such identities by myself by creating users via idmIdentityService.newUser method. My goal is to manage current tasks in a similar way Camunda Cockipt do. Is thate any possibility to run task-ui and bpmn enging within one springboot app?

Hey @Kikol,

The Flowable Task UI example application is an application that contains the flowable engines.

You should be able to use it standalone if you configure the Authorization. The reason why it needs IDM is because it needs to be able to authenticate the user somehow. The default implementation uses the IDM UI example application.