Flowable application and microservice

We’d like to build our business in some spring boot applications and leverage flowable task and admin applications. But I have some questions.

  1. Is it possible to use a single flowable database cross applications? I’m sure there’s no problem at database persistence layer. But how about the java delegation in different applications. Is it able to start process engines in different applications, share with a single flowable database, but only execute a subset of processes? If yes, how?

  2. Is it possible to integrate with oauth2, for example, keycloak, with the Task and Admin applications? We can hack the source code, but which is the better place? Is it IdM application?

  3. From my experience, sooner or later, it requires external task form render. For example to feed the dropdown list from another system. I’d like to build the form in each application. But how can I integrate Task application with my form from other applications? Is it able to open a URL from the task list?