Flowable task and engine implementation recommendation

HI ,
We already have a spring boot project with some business logic already implemented.
I added the flowable engine to this spring boot project as a dependency.
From the flowable modeler I can now publish the bpm to this spring boot project and the bpms are getting executed.
What I’m missing is the ui that flowable-task is giving. I can implement apis in the spring boot application to get details about the instances and tasks running. But I would like to avoid that step.

Can I get flowable-task UI in my spring boot application? Is it the recommended way.
Or do I have to package my spring boot application classes and deploy it as a dependency for the flowable-task application(running in tomcat)

There is not a Flowable-Task starter that automatically imbeds the task UI. The documented way of adding functionality to Task is by deploying custom beans to the application. As an aside, the actual engines themselves are the primary focus of the development team. The task and admin UI apps implemented more as examples or to help drive development. They aren’t really considered production ready.

@wwitt thank you for the reply