Starting the Modeler-App from source code

Hello, we recently decided to use Flowable as engine for an app we are developing. So far everything seem to be good with v6.5.0. To push some more :slight_smile: I cloned the source code from git repository and tried to start the modeler app from IntelliJ by running the FlowableModelerApplication’ main; but the small experiment ended with a huge number of errors, like the following:

Error:(15, 28) java: package does not exist.

IntelliJ detects the package and the project seems to be ok. I have checked the deploy and distro maven profiles (as explained in a previous post).

The IntelliJ version is 2019.1 and Java version is 8.

So, at this point, I would greatly appreciate some guidance to be able to start the project from Intellij.

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this should not be an issue.
Could you try and start it from command line to check everything is in order?

and then

(fyi; you also need to start Flowable IDM in order to login)

If this works fine run the FlowableModelerApplication (Spring Boot Application).
Also make sure you have the check or distro Maven profile enabled.

Hope this helps.



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Thank you @yvo, everything is fine; I completely missed the scripts folder :slight_smile: