Build flowable-ui-modeler in IDEA and run

HI Team,

I am trying to build entire project in IDEA run UI modeler-app from IDEA. Can we do the same?
My environment is windows 10.

Hey @sreenathvp,

I personally have the distro and deploy profiles enabled in IntelliJ. This 2 profiles will include the different flowable-ui modules and then you would be able to start the UI app from IntelliJ.

The flowable-modeler application can be started by starting the FlowableModelerApplication class. Keep in mind that you would need to also start the flowable-idm appliation through the FlowableIdmApplication class as well. The idm will be accessible through http://localhost:8080/flowable-idm, and the modeler will be accessible through http://localhost:8888/flowable-modeler.



Excellent helped me. i am able to run modeler and idm applications.
Thank you so much.

@filiphr, from where can I get profiles for distro and deploy profiles.
Please guide me on how can I can run a flowable modeler application fro IDEA.

Open the Maven window/tab (View menu item -> Too Windows -> Maven), then it that window open Profiles, and select the checkbox next to distro and deploy.


Just to be clear, there is no Flowable modeler for IDEA. The instructions here are to build the web based modeler in IDEA

this info is very helpful!