Build flowable-ui-modeler in IDEA and run

HI Team,

I am trying to build entire project in IDEA run UI modeler-app from IDEA. Can we do the same?
My environment is windows 10.

Hey @sreenathvp,

I personally have the distro and deploy profiles enabled in IntelliJ. This 2 profiles will include the different flowable-ui modules and then you would be able to start the UI app from IntelliJ.

The flowable-modeler application can be started by starting the FlowableModelerApplication class. Keep in mind that you would need to also start the flowable-idm appliation through the FlowableIdmApplication class as well. The idm will be accessible through http://localhost:8080/flowable-idm, and the modeler will be accessible through http://localhost:8888/flowable-modeler.



Excellent helped me. i am able to run modeler and idm applications.
Thank you so much.

@filiphr, from where can I get profiles for distro and deploy profiles.
Please guide me on how can I can run a flowable modeler application fro IDEA.

Open the Maven window/tab (View menu item -> Too Windows -> Maven), then it that window open Profiles, and select the checkbox next to distro and deploy.

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Just to be clear, there is no Flowable modeler for IDEA. The instructions here are to build the web based modeler in IDEA