How to include flowable modeler with springboot application?

Hi guys.
I have a spring boot app using only the process engine and now I’d like to experiment with tweaks to the Forms modeler.
I thought the best way forward was to:
a) Create a separate springboot project
b) Added the flowable-modeler as a dependency
c) Used the maven war plugin to overlay and exclude WEB-INF/classes/static/* folder and the (I included my own so as to change the db to MariaDb which is a dependency added to the project)
d) Copied the static folder from the original project and included it as a resource
e) Dropped the built WAR file with the ootb idm into a tomcat servlet
but when I browse to the modeler page. Instead of getting redirected to the login page I get a blank page.
Any ideas how to go about this?
I essentially want to use the modeler to model forms and process and have it use the same db as the springboot process app but I have some slight changes to make to the forms UI modeler.
Thanks for your insight and hard work.

I have resolved this.
The issue lay with the url that was being used to access the modeler.
I was using the fqdn I had created in my machine’s hosts file but when I switched to using the url of the ip address of the hosting VM, I was able to arrive at the login page, otherwise attempting to access the modeler and thus the idm login page via http redirects to https and results in an error in the log.