Spring-boot-admin 2.x support

Quote from corresponding github ticket: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/issues/816:


author of spring-boot-admin is not going to rewrite activiti integration for 2.x (https://github.com/codecentric/spring-boot-admin/issues/465#issuecomment-364837831) :

Currently only 5% of the core-ui downloads uses the uiactivitu as well - so I’m not planning on reimplementing this for 2.0

So, are there any plans to support Flowable in spring-boot-admin?

http://codecentric.github.io/spring-boot-admin/1.5.4/#_activiti_ui_module - intro how it was in spring-boot-admin 1.x

https://github.com/codecentric/spring-boot-admin/blob/1.5.x/spring-boot-admin-server-ui-activiti/src/main/resources/META-INF/spring-boot-admin-server-ui/applications-activiti/module.js - what it does:

    key: 'Completed Task Count Today',
    value: activiti.completedTaskCountToday
    key: 'Process Definition Count',
    value: activiti.processDefinitionCount
    key: 'Cached Process Definition Count',
    value: activiti.cachedProcessDefinitionCount
    key: 'Completed Task Count',
    value: activiti.completedTaskCount
    key: 'Completed Activities',
    value: activiti.completedActivities
    key: 'Open Task Count',
    value: activiti.openTaskCount
  $scope.processes = [];
  for (var i = 0; i < activiti.deployedProcessDefinitions.length; i++) {
    var process = activiti.deployedProcessDefinitions[i];
    var runningProcessInstanceCount = activiti.runningProcessInstanceCount[process];
    var completedProcessInstanceCount = activiti.completedProcessInstanceCount[process];
      name: process,
      running: runningProcessInstanceCount,
      completed: completedProcessInstanceCount

In other words - displays:

  • Completed Task Count Today
  • Process Definition Count
  • Cached Process Definition Count
  • Completed Task Count
  • Completed Activities
  • Open Task Count

And for each deployed process definition: count of running process instances and amount of completed process instances.

This is useful for debug, monitoring and troubleshooting, and quick health checks.

Yes - so it’s actually reading the data that the actuator exposes, it seems.
We’re currently doing some major revisions to the spring boot starters, where we’ll expand what we expose in the actuator most likely too. So depending how easy it is to hook into the spring-boot-admin module it sounds doable.

Most of the flowable specific Actuator endpoints would also be exposed via /metrics and/or /info. That way they would be exposed in spring boot admin per default. And on top of that in 2.0 everything from /metrics is exposed to Micrometer so you should get much more information in Spring Boot Admin, but also in other monitoring tools if you need to

https://github.com/codecentric/spring-boot-admin/issues/683 - since 2.0.2 there is ‘custom views’ functionality, http://codecentric.github.io/spring-boot-admin/current/#customizing-custom-views