Activiti Cloud or Flowable

Helo guys, I am interest about these project. But now I am confused that whether flowable support spring cloud ( for distributed). Or should we have some plans (or roadmap) to achieve this feature?


Flowable has a lot of support for Spring boot 2 and standard Spring support. So it should be not difficult to use it in a Spring Cloud environment. If you run into any issues we are really eager to work on a solution.

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Also, can you tell us what you’re specifically looking for in terms of features? As Tijs says, Flowable with Spring Boot 2 makes it easy to use Flowable in a wide range of environments.


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No. I am new in BPM, so I jsut want to compare which project is better for me.
Anyway, Thx Tijs and PHH response.

:slight_smile: then the answer is easy - Flowable. The team that designed and built Activiti are now working on Flowable. We’ve been adding new capabilities to the engines, such as dynamic processes and CMMN, as well as making it go much faster!

Good luck.


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:blush: Got it. I saw the news about the forking events. That’s so wonderful.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thx

Denny , Flowable is just better.

:hugs: Thx. I going to use flowable:yum:

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