Expected Changes in flowable-app over activiti-app


First of all, I am a big fan of you guys especially @tijs, @joram. Awesome work with open source BPMS.

I was using Activiti6 as part of my Ph.D. thesis related to BPMN. I added my own custom interfaces to activiti-app. Now with the emergence of Flowable, I prefer to use it over Activiti. BUT, I am running short of time to complete my thesis so going ahead with activiti-app.

Now, my question is this: I see lots of future enhancement especially to do with the UI and its API. And it is favorable for me. Now, If I want to migrate my code to Flowable6 when will that be? And how much changes are expected in flowable-app over activiti-app. Any hints on these questions?


Thanks :slight_smile:
We are currently doing some refactoring on the Flowable apps and we hope to release a new version containing this refactor work soon. It’s mostly to separate the Modeler app, IDM app, Task app and Admin app. After this work is done, we can consider the apps stable for the 6.0 release. Is this the kind of information you are looking for?

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I am familiar with activiti-app, its structure of the code, the views, modals, etc Not sure how different flowable will be in terms of its own API, code structure, etc, and how difficult (or easy) will it be for me to switch my part of the app from activiti to flowable. I think more specific questions can be asked only after the release of the App. I Hope that it releases soon. All the best!