Activiti or flowable


Let me start this thread saying that I’m a real enthusiast of the Activiti BPM that you guys built.
I’m working in a PT public services client where Activiti was choosen, in 2013, as the BPM suite to support business processes. I did’t know, until yesterday, about the fork, and since we have a core and very visible (public) solution to evolve, we need to know how to move forward … My question is: since we’re talking, for now, about very similar products (Activiti Alfresco CE and Flowable) how can I convince the client that you guys are the best solution and should we migrate our current Activiti instance to Flowable? How can I convince the client that (in the future) you will have the best product and will be a more reliable ‘choice’ than Alfresco?

Before finishing, let me congratulate you (once again) for your great work!

Kind regards
daniel dourado

Hi Daniel,

That’s not an easy question to answer :wink:
We are adding more and more features into Flowable, with for example:

  • non-interrupting event sub processes and support for timer and signal start events
  • allow to change the state of a running process instance to a previous activity or future activity.
  • provide a clean module architecture with supporting bpmn, dmn, forms and content
  • we are working on support of async history

And this is just a very short list that came to mind quickly. With the very active developer community we have in Flowable I’m confident that we’ll be able to add a lot of interesting features in the short and long term.
So we can only convince people by showing the features we are adding to the Flowable project.

Hope this helps a bit, and thanks for the congratulations and your interest in the Flowable project.

Best regards,


Hi Tijs,

thank you very much for your reply. I know that this thread is a little
tricky :slight_smile: for you, but we really needed this info to prepare/make decisions
for the future of our platform that, as said before, has, a lot of public
visibility here in Portugal.
Regarding your inputs, let me tell you that I really got motivated to
remain with Flowable. For us, 2,3,and 4 (mainly, for now) are a very good
perspetive of evolution. Also,

  • we never had a big issue regarding the engine,
  • we find the platform very reliable,
  • we really like your community spirit and expertise on open source,
  • yes, we need to migrate (do some changes in our code) but - from what
    I’ve seen - it will not be that big effort to change it (our maven,spring
    context,packages and cfg name).

Best regards,

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback.
Let us know if you experience any issues or have ideas about new features.

Best regards,