Flowable and Alfresco integration?

Very happy to see the activity on the new flowable project. Thank you for all your work.
We are using Activiti standalone, and it sounds like a switch to flowable will be very easy (thank you again).
I am guessing the original Activiti code will continue to be included as part of Alfresco. How do you see the integration between flowable and Alfresco working in future?

Thanks for the thanks and welcome to Flowable!

As we’ve left Alfresco, we don’t know what their plan is for the version of Activiti embedded inside Alfresco’s ECM.

However, if you’re talking about calling out to an ECM system from the Flowable engine then using Apache CMIS from a service task is pretty easy. Some of the things we’re considering for the roadmap is adding connectors like this to various content systems.


Thank you for the quick answer.
We will have a look at CMIS for connecting to Alfresco (when we have our workflow system working properly). No pressure from me to prioritise an Alfresco connector…
Thank you again… Hope all goes well.

Hello guys.
I have just seen this https://citeck.com/news/flowable-and-alfresco-integration/