Flowable ADF interoperability

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Really happy to see flowable project progress in last 6 month. You guys I doing greate.
Hope that you will not lose attitude in a future.

I have a question regarding Flowable and Alfresco Development Framework interoperability.
Can Flowable now be used instead of Alfresco Process Services with Application Development Framework?
Do you plan to maintain/achieve interoperability with ADF?

Thanks in advance for an answer =)


Currently, the core Flowable team have no plans to maintain interoperability with ADF. The only reason that might change is if there is a significant commercial benefit to doing so, which we’re not anticipating. So far, everyone switching to Flowable have done so without highlighting ADF as important. Alfresco Process Services is not open source and (when we built it originally) has different APIs to the open source version, and as we’re no longer with Alfresco, it’s difficult for us to comment helpfully on future directions.

Of course, if anyone in the community wants to create a compatibility pack for ADF, they’re welcome to :slight_smile:

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for reply.

I thought that Flowable is based on Alfresco Process Services code, not opensource version of Activiti because I don’t see significant differences.

Are there functions that are presented in Process Services and not presented in Flowable?
Probably I have missed something =)

I can only suggest you look at what public information is available.

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Paul, thanks for a reply.
Have a greate day =)