Sentry condition not working flowable 6.5.0


I am trying to do the same/similar as the use case example on the blog part 3 and 4 ( with the sentry conditions and the milestones.

When I add or even when trying the same use case as mentioned in the blog (loaded the example in a build version of flowable and tried it out in a junit test case) any entry condition I enter with
${vars:equals(claimAccepted, true)} it just wont activate the service or user task linked to it. It just seems to do nothing and it stays available but not active.

as en example here is a snippet of a poc i made and the submit final is not getting active with a guard condition “${vars:equals(budgetAccepted, true)}.”. Note i did add the same variable name in the milestone and I tryed all connectors with occur, completed etc…

When doing {variablex == 'test'} and I started the plan with that variable then it seems to actived the button, but for some reason it wont evaluate the expression like in the example when using milestones {vars:equals(budgetAccepted, true)}.

Kind regards

That all looks allright. So to make sure: in the milestone variable field you’ve set the name to budgetAccepted?

Is it possible the share the CMMN model you’re using, so we can validate this (e.g. things like the milestone variable are not shown in the visual model)?