Case won't start when using conditions

Environment: Flowable version 6.5.0 from flowable/all-in-one container image running on Windows 10.0.17763 and Docker 19.03.12.

Context: Case Model created using Flowable Comunity Modeler with a Decision Modeling returning PASS or REJECT in ClearanceState.

When I add the {ClearanceState == 'PASS'} condition to the Create Submission Sentry and {ClearanceState == ‘REJECT’} to the Submission Rejected Sentry, the case won’t start in flowable task.

APP zip available here:

Hi everyone,

Just discovered Flowable and CMMN, and I am still learning, so forgive me if I made some noob mistake.

I saw all the videos from flowfest and read the documentation and blog posts. I don’t have any errors in the model validation, but I can’t start a new case in the APP attached to this message.

Any help would be amazing. :slight_smile:

The reason most likely is that the variables from the DMN table don’t exist yet when evaluating the sentries for the first time. Use ${var:equals(‘ClearanceState’, ‘REJECT’}, which takes in account null values/not existing values.

See for more details.

I managed to make it work using this expression: ${var:get(ClearanceState) == “PASS”}. Thanks for point me in the right direction!