Script format values for script task

Hi. I am new in Flowable.
I cannot find enumeration of script formats alowed for script task.
Thank you in advance.


Do you mean which script languages/engines are available? JavaScript as provided by the JDK is the default, but you can easily include others:


For reference for others. The default format is actually JUEL. The documentation states correctly that javascript is included by default in the JDK: “By default, JavaScript is included in every JDK and as such doesn’t need any additional JAR files.”

It is not however the default “scriptFormat” of the script task, which is JUEL:


For javascript you can use the value “javascript” (although the JDK allows a few aliases for it as well (on JDK1.8 the nashorn engine uses these names [nashorn, Nashorn, js, JS, JavaScript, javascript, ECMAScript, ecmascript]).

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