Is scripting possible in Flowable

Hello, my name is Jaison Joseph and I am totally new to Flowables, but I am familiar to similar programming patterns. My team currently works on RedHat PAM, all the business rules are created in PAM and now planning to switch over to Flowable. So wanted to get some idea on how to start and also have few questions before that. In RedHat PAM, we have the option to write rules using the notation or we can even write rules using the programming language called drools . And most of our rules are written in that fashion. I did some read up to see if similar features are available here, if so what scripting language do we use here…? Any docoumentation towards that will be of great help… Thank you

Hey @valjaison,

In Flowable you have 2 ways of writing rules:

  • Using Drools through the Business Rule Task
  • Using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard through the Decision Task which calls the Flowable DMN implementation

You also asked about scripting. Flowable has the Script Task which allows you to use any JSR-223 compatible scripting engine. In our test suite we use Javascript (through Nashorn) and Groovy.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for your response!