Cannot run a JavaScript code in a Script Task


I’m testing the trial version of the enterprise subscription of Flowable (v3.10.3), and I’m facing issues using the Script Task within a process.
I selected “JavaScript” for the Script format, and tried to run a simple script ( var test =1; ), but an error keeps occurring when I run the process on flowable work.

imagem flowable

I get this error: " Can’t find scripting engine for ‘javascript’ "

Can anyone please help? :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you in advance.

This could be related to the java version that you are using.
I think Nashorn (the javascript engine in java) has been deprecated in later versions.

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Thank you @maudrid
I was able to solve my issue with your help. :grinning:

hello , I’m new at coding
I’m soo confused about these codes, I’m just put some wrong codes and it’s not working well , can you give me any tips for it

Same issue.

i got same issue. and i don’t know how to solve this

i don’t know how to solve this..