About using Script tasks

I have been playing around Flowable for some time now and start investigating HTTP tasks and scripts tasks.
I implemented https://documentation.flowable.com/design-user-guide/3.5.0/231AC-task-script.html to use the script task with the example associated.
So first I created a user task with a form to ask for “firstName” and “lastName”. Variables are created.

Then if using the example I have an error message on the toLowerCase():
org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: problem evaluating script: TypeError: null has no such function “toLowerCase” in at line number 1

and then when displaying the email variable I have the following result: null.null@yourCompany.com

So I am wondering what needs to be configured as I lost the variable content when using the script task and JavaScript functions are not visible.

If anyone has a working example, it would be appreciated!

Hi Jerome,

could you share your example (e.g. in the jUnit test)?


Can you share the BPMN you created? On what are you running this (e.g. which JDK - some JDK’s have different javascripting engines)