Reminder mail and Reassign usertask to manager using Timer Job

For a given user task, if the task is not getting completed on time, we need to send Reminder mail, and then after certain time need to assign this user task to his/her supervisor to complete it.

Can we use One Timer Job to send periodic Reminder mail and reassign user task to his/her supervisor at the end of Timer job, Please share your thought and sample regarding this ?

Hi balajisundarajan8,

If you do not use periodic reminder, but timer boundary event with duration you can create a new task and assign the new task to manager.
(there are many examples of timer boundary event in the source and doc.)


@martin.grofcik thanks for the info. suppose if we need reminder mail before escalation, can we trigger it via timer job execution listener ?

do you see any other approach for reminder mail ?

The easiest would be to use another boundary timer event on the same task, with a timer expression that fires before the escalation.

@joram Another timer(reminder) event on the same task fires before escalation, but the timer(reminder) that fires after sending mail moved to end event or back to original task which is having both timers. ?

Reminder timer job moves to end, then escalation timer wont fire because process ended. if reminder timer moved back to task, again both timer will be reset again.right ?

@joram one more update, when we use two boundary timer job. when first timer job(reminder) gets executed automatically second timer job(escalation) gets interrupted. because of this unable to perform escalation flow using second timer job.

No, you can have non-interrupting boundary (timer) events - they will not complete the current activity. Make the reminder email non-interrupting and you have what you described.

@joram How to make Boundary(timer) event to non-interrupting using modeler. Using modeler I am unable to modify cancel activity flag.