Escalation Email content for different time cycle

Hi Team,

We need your assistance for the below scenario:

The system needs to escalate and send the automate email to the supervisor when assigned user task has not completed in 30,60 and 90 days respectively from task created date.

Each escalation email will have its own email content.

As result of last escalation email on 90 days, the task should be reassigned to the Supervisor for further action.

We tried to define the process definition as below:

We configured the Boundary timer event with Time Cycle as “R3/P30D”.


How to get run cycle count of 30/60/90 days (Through Listener / Any other option) and send escalated email content of it owns?


There are plenty of possibilities. I would prefer “the most readable”:

(Start) -> |                   user task                     | -> ....
                  (T1)           (T2)              (T3)
                     |            |                 |
                     V            V                 V
                 | mail |       | mail |        | mail |

T1- 30D without task cancelation,
T2 - 60D without task cancelation
T3 - 90D task cancelation or reassignment.