Boundary Timer event is not completed Time End date in the boundary timer event in Flowable


I am using a Boundary timer event to send Alert and escalation emails until user performs the task.
Once the user task is performed the alert/escalation mail activity needs to be stopped.

I have to send mails only on week days. So when the boundary event is triggered, I would check whether its a weekday, if not I will set one timer to wait untill weekday and send mail.

But this needs to be stopped when the current user task is completed. But this is not happening right now. so My process is never completed.

I have set the Time Date, Time End Date and Time Cycle for Boundary timer event.
If I don’t set the Time End Date its completed.
I am using TimeEnd date, coz sometimes I do not need to send the Escalation. so I would set the TimeEndDate to past date.

Pls Suggest!


The process model looks to have all automatic steps. Is that correct? If so - boundary timers don’t work on automatic steps, only on wait states.