Timer Boundary event cancel process

Dear developers
I want to get this result : If a tasks last longer than x seconds, than move to another task.
In my task I have attached a boundary timer , but the problem when “cancel activity=true” after time is up the process has been canceled not only the task and when I cancel activity= false, the process dosen’t move from task.

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Hi @Aicha

Could you share your process model with us?
This would help to answer your question.


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hello @amporsim

thanks for your response

this is the process model

this is Timer parameter

Unfortunately after 5 minutes the process is canceled with the task and it doesn’t move to the next task

Hi @Aicha

You have to link your send mail task with the timer boundary event, because when you cancel a task (in your use case the task two) the process doesn’t execute the following tasks.

There is a similar demo process in the oss project:


thanks @amporsim

solved :slightly_smiling_face: