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Hey y’all,

I’m a part of a small company that aspires to create cool products working on a shoestring budget. We’ve been looking to integrate a workflow engine to our product. We like Flowable but we’d like to know if the following features are supported by the open source version of Flowable. The features would be definitely supported by the commercial edition of Flowable but we are looking to limit our budget and we do not have the infrastructure to test Flowable. Thanks in advance!

  1. Integrating the workflow with hadoop ecosystem.
  2. Visual representation of the workflow and its travel path.
  3. Indication of failures in the workflow diagrams.
  4. Stop-start-resume workflow with events/buttons.
  5. Complex workflow with 1000+ nodes.
  6. Calling a user defined function from any state of the workflow.

Subash Chandran

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HI Subash,

There are no limitations to the open source version of Flowable. The commercial edition adds support and additional functionality like advanced modeling and a rich form designer and runtime amongst other things.

  1. Yes, for example using the async history feature
  2. Yes
  3. Failures in async job execution can be queried and shown in diagrams
  4. Yes
  5. Would be interested to see this workflow, but there’s no limitation on the amount of nodes
  6. Yes

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Your post helps me as well, thanks a lot Subash :slight_smile: