Selecting best workflow engine

Hello all,

First of all thanks for this great project.

I have been investigating and playing with Flowable for the past couple of weeks.

My team is considering a few open source workflow engines to integrate with our case management project and we have been told that these are the decision points.

  • Kafka Integration

  • Designed for cloud(K8, Microservices, stateless in process)

  • Integration with other commercial ticket management systems(???)

  • OAuth/OIDC, support roles and scopes(keycloak integration)

  • Support of BPEL(???)

  • OpenSource

  • Apache 2 License

  • UI to define processes(I added ui spring boot starters so I have modeler in my project)

  • High Availability

  • Listen to system events to change workflow and start activity.

  • User can assign other user tasks(task service, setAssignee?)

  • Support of mTLS(???)

Now, I know a bunch of these are supported-available in Flowable. I added question marks at the end of some points and made them bold that I had trouble to find information about. I was wondering if it is possible for someone to clarify these points.


We don’t have any out of the box, but these systems often have a (REST) api, so integrating it is quite easy. Either with service tasks or the (commercial) service registry.

No, we don’t support BPEL. We haven’t seen BPEL for a very long time …

Not sure what this is? Is it related to TLS? If so, it’s an infrastructure question. If it’s possible in Java, it’s possible in Flowable.

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Thank you very much @joram.

I was also surprised to see BPEL but since I’m not experienced in workflow engines I needed to ask anyway.

Yes It is related to TLS.

So, assuming I’m not wrong about other points are supported-available-true in Flowable, I think I got my answer.

Thanks again.