Is there any commercially supported solution?

Our company want to use flowable as workflow system . is there any commercially supported solution to provide ? such as patch release etc

There is now commercial support available for Flowable open source. I’ll post a brief announcement about it, but basically, core Flowable developers have joined edorasware, and we will be providing a support option.

To find out more, go to, which will redirect to edorasware, or direct message me here.

Some background:


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Hi @PHH Its a great new, congratulations to all flowable team.

I think Flowable its a really nice product.

Currently Im working at Mexico City in a international bank, Im developing some features with the help of Tijs, im a really active member of the community.

Im trying to propose flowable to manage the workflows of the bank.

If you need a partner to Latam keep an eye on me.

Best regards from Mexico.

thank you for your information , i have already sent message to the sales of edorasware.



Hi Wolfgangmay, are you in America? Are you having good experiencie in support? Here we are actively working with flowable in latam. We have much expertice on Oracle BPM as well, but we found Flowable a good open source alternative.

Hola @Sibok666

Estoy haciendo una evaluación de Flowable también en México.

Me gustaría saber si seguiste con la implementación de Flowable en el banco que comentas y cómo ha sido tu experiencia con la herramienta.