Contributing support for a database


I’m working in SAP and my team is heavily using Flowable in our project for orchestration of BPMN processes. We typically use PostgreSQL, but we also have a requirement to be able to run Flowable on a HANA database (SQL syntax documentation). We’ve already implemented support for it in an internal fork of the Flowable engine, but we would like to contribute that code back to you. My question is what are the requirements regarding the contribution of support for a new database?

Our changes are mostly SQL scripts with very small Java modifications regarding batch statements. Can I just open a PR with these changes or are there some additional steps?

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Hello Flowable Experts,

Why @nictas is bringing this topic is because recently we needed to make some changes there and it was a lot of struggle to maintain the code base in our project due to the fact that we need to align it all the time with the original one.
It would be really great if you could bring us some guidelines which could help us here in order to contribute HANA support in the project.
For instance, useful information would be, what are the requirements and is it enough to just open PR?


Many thanks for this. We’ll follow up trough DM.


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