Doubts regarding work flow engin

We are planning to build our existing PHP project with this work flow . We are new to this technology and we have the following doubts regarding the work flow.

  1. Is it possible to link this work flow to our existing PHP project.

  2. In our project there is a mail parser unit which fetches the emails from mail server apart from that we are using some compression techniques to compress the pdf documents is this possible by using this work flow.

  3. We have a pdf viewer module which saves and view the pdf documents is this possible with this work flow.

  4. We have an image gallery and an image resizeable module which crops the images automatically to different size is this possible by using this work flow model .

  5. Is it possible to create the entire project requirement with in the this work flow without touching the code .

         Please go through the above requirements and give us a feedback regarding the same.

– 1. Well Flowable has REST api, so you should be able to communicate from PHP project

– 2, 3 & 4. Flowable is a BPMN, DMN, CMMN engine, so I don’t think it does any of this. That said you can easily create a custom service and call this from Flowable.

– 5. I am afraid, no!

Disclaimer: I am not a committer to flowable project and answers are based on my experience with Java & Flowable.