Flowable in PHP7 environment

Hi, we are focusing on flowable, a great project. But the system we are developing now is the PHP7 environment, I am not sure if we can use flowable to complete our work. I saw that Camunda has developed a PHP SDK specifically, but Flowable has no similar things. If we use the flowable Rest API in development, do you have any suggestions on fusion, or are there similar cases?


I am not familiar with the Camunda PHP SDK, but I presume that it is just a wrapper of their REST API.

What kind of fusion are you talking about? There are a lot of people that use the Flowable REST API to develop their applications, even Java projects sometimes go for the REST API approach. We have a swagger documentation that you can even use to create a PHP Client (most probably, haven’t tried it).


Thank you. In the situation I know now, I have not seen anyone using PHP to connect to the Flowable(Even All JAVA BPMN engine), so I am not sure that we have the right choice. Most of them are still done with JAVA.

The Flowable engines are implemented in Java indeed. However, that should not stop you in using them. We have the flowable-rest as a docker image. You can also set it up in a normal tomcat or any other application server. You can find the documentation about the REST APIs here.

As I said before we know about people using the Flowable engines over REST in their own custom Java, .NET projects. The fact that the Flowable engines are implemented in Java should not stop you in using their full potential :smile: