Put a link inside a Task Form


Is there any way to put in a Form a Link from the value of a process variable ?
In my scenario this is interesting to provide the user a quick way to jump where to find more detailed data or the source of the task.

thanks a lot,



Do you want to put a website url?
I’m trying to make a form component available that shows link to sites, this feature would solve.

Exactly @Robson, a component that shows a link to browser to a external website.
Let me know If we can expect this new component in a short time.


I hope that the next version may already have made it available.

It would be great !
I suppose it haven’t been scheduled yet.

The new form field of type Hyperlink was created in the Master version.
In the next version will be available or if you prefer you can download the code and generate your own version.

Thanks !
It could be the case I have to pickup the Master version for this.