HyperLink form element expressions


The hyperlink form element is rather simplistic in that it merely provides a static link. I currently want to build up the url during processing and then have it displayed on the form.

So my thinking is to have the link processed as a JUEL expression, if that submission would be sensible.

I have two other questions as to current state of the code:

  1. The ExpessionFormField is a subclass with a field for the expression yet the Hyperlink FormField adds a parameter for the link. When is one supposed to use parameters vs subclassing? It is not clear if hyperlink is consistent with the general approach here.

  2. An alternative would be to allow the expression form field to generate html results. Currently html is being escaped in the task app. This tends to ring some security bells, but the expression field is rather limited without support for formatting.

Currently the hyperlinkUrl param is displayed in the task app, but if we allow this to be an expression then in my mind it should result in the form field value being set to the result from expression evaluation (similar to expression form field. Then the task app should display value and not the hyperlinkUrl param.


Hi Zach,

I think you are right and it should be possible without too much work to use JUEL to evaluate the link url value. There needs to be some logic to make sure static links are still possible as well, without having to write a JUEL expression.

Best regards,


Thanks Tijs, I’ll submit a pull request for this, as I have already done some work in this regard.