Forms and task variables

I have defined a new process with a parallel review task that has a form with a couple of custom properties.
If I open one of the parallel task, I save the form and then I reopen it, I can see the values saved as expected.
I have verified also that on each parallel task I am able to save different values for these properties.

I am now trying to read these values in a java listener, but I am not able to.
Where are these form properties stored? They cannot be process or execution variables because otherwise I won’t be able to set different values on each task.

I thought they were saved as task variables, but I do not see them.


Can you share the user task XML definition, so we can analyze what is happening?
By default, variables will be created on the process instance level and therefore form field values will get overwritten. To prevent this you could add a parallel embedded sub process and put the review task in the multi instance embedded sub process. This will make sure that the variables are created for each execution of the parallel multi instance sub process. Then you can use an execution listener to merge the values to the process instance when the multi instance sub process is completed.

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